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OfficeVitae uses smart technology to measure the key parameters to determine office health and visualises all this data in a health platform with clear 2D floor plans.

Our compact wireless OfficeVitae sensor box collects detailed real-time information about the office environment and projects it on the office floor plan. It senses:

      • CO2
      • Humidity
      • Temp
      • Noise
      • Light
      • Occupancy Presence (who is where)
      • Employee Movement (how much activity and standing vs. sitting time)

OfficeVitae floor plan, with rich visualisation of workplace.

Besides these objective measurements, OfficeVitae also collects continuous feedback from office occupants and compares the two data sets. Connections are also made between indoor air quality, acoustics, occupancy, office layout and employee activity and eating habits.

Every office can track their daily average health performance and has the possibility to improve this average by interventions done by selected OfficeVitae health partners. This is what OfficeVitae stands for: creating healthy offices, restoring your vitality!

The advantages are evident: energy savings, happier and more productive employees, less sickness, higher retention rates and better company performance in the end!

The OfficeVitae design approach is based on a circular design approach, starting driehoekwith measuring, visualising and indexing, leading to analysis and concrete steps for improvement.


OfficeVitae sensor unit in sustainable American Walnut wood.




OfficeVitae Sensor Unit, features high quality European components and assembly in Holland.