OfficeVitae’s newest platform was shown at the VAKBEURS FACILITAIR GEBOUWBEHEER, 25-27th Jan 2017.


  Feb 10 2017: Launch of Comfort+

  Officevitae deployed this month Officevitae Comfort+ at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft.

  Key features include:

  • Sensor data views of one’s own office for C02 levels, humidity, temperature, light, noise and movement.
  • Via a desktop, IOS and Android app occupants can order heating for their space locally or remotely.
  • Eco switch for extra energy savings. When Eco-mode is on heating is automatically adjusted or switched off heating depending upon space occupancy patterns.
  • Using iBeacon technology occupants can elect to share their office occupancy data with other selected collogues.
  • A facility management user interface with rich visualisation of floor heat distribution, heating energy used per day, subjective ratings of spaces, and space occupancy rates.

  For more information on Comfort+ please fill in our contact form.

  Thank You,

  Team Officevitae



June 7th, Officevitae joins the new Green Village Office Lab at TU Delft, providing localised sit/stand table innovations and comfort monitoring.