Europeans spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors. Never before have people spent so much time indoors and sitting behind their desks.

Research and employee satisfaction surveys show there are serious complaints in offices, especially about indoor air climate, noise and office design. An unhealthy indoor work environment causes poor concentration, lower productivity and higher sickness rates.

There is a wealth of research connecting office occupant well being with the work environment. Work by the Berkley Center for the Built environment, across a wide-range of building types, found that over 60 percent of office occupants were not satisfied with their indoor office comfort. The Word Green Building Council found that sick leave rates were reduced by 66 percent given healthier work environments.

Despite all the evidence connecting employee well being and productivity to the office environment there is a lack of solutions aimed at understanding, measuring, and improving the individual and office group well being.

OfficeVitae provides an unique and integrated approach to gain realtime insights into office and occupant Health & Vitality. The OfficeVitae health platform developed with leading scientists at the Technical University of Delft, combines Smart Indoor Environment Sensors with Office Occupant Self-Reporting.

The challenge that we take on is: how can we make offices healthier and more vital and how can we create offices that stimulate occupants to become more active. In meeting this challenge OfficeVitae works together with selected health partners to offer concrete solutions to improve employee wellbeing in officewix_offices_by_inblum_dezeen_784_2 buildings.

Our Values

OfficeVitae founded at the Delft University of Technology, works to provide objective assessments and recommendations to improving well being in the workplace.  We work closely with clients to ensure a strong match between needs and solutions.  
Our values include a strongly ethical relationship between our customers and partners to ensure accountability in enriching health and vitality in the office place.

Since its first project for building services at the Delft University of Technology, OfficeVitae has evolved into a dynamic company with partners offering a range of services. Our target clients include corporate and medium size enterprises along with consulting and building management firms.